Month: March 2022

EBA 280/S Top Applications

EBA 280/S Top Applications

The study of body fluids like urine and blood is called serology. Primarily, serology refers to the diagnostic identification of antibodies in a serum. These antibodies are also formed as a response to infection. It also forms as a defense against foreign proteins or to the patient’s own proteins.

Laboratories that carry out serology tests require a high-performance centrifuge to prepare the serum. One of the most trusted serological centrifuge available in the market today is the Hettich EBA 280/S. It is also known for its fast deceleration and acceleration spins which allows the accurate separation of the components of serum.

Top Applications of EBA 280/S

This high-performance serological centrifuge is considered ideal for urinalysis, pediatric, and blood testing. Its impressive compactness, performance, and versatility makes it the new standard for clinical centrifugation.

Facilities that Use the EBA 280/S

This device is used in different facilities, typically the public health and medical industries. Aside from hospitals, it is also commonly used in the following places:

  • Blood banks
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Laboratories
  • Physician’s office laboratory

Top Features of the EBA 280/S

The EBA 280/S is often the recommended serological centrifuge because of the following enticing features:

  • Weight: Approximately