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Can You Achieve a V Face Shape Without Surgery?

Wanting a more chiseled V shape face is very common in the beauty world, but women in Asia want it more than their western counterparts. Given that most Asians often have square-shaped or more rounded faces, it is nothing new for those to wish to sculpt their faces into a V or an oval shape for a softer appearance. With that, it isn’t precisely easy to change your face shape with no surgery, but you have several options to make your features seem more defined. Here is a list of a few ways to do that:

Change Your Haircut

A haircut is the faster and most low-maintenance means to attain the illusion of a V shape face. Having long-layered bangs would conceal your puffy cheeks and wide forehead while cutting your hair into layers could provide your face with a more pointed shape. It is all about having a style that would complement your face best!

Contour and Highlight Your Face

How you contour is based on the shape of your face, but if it is a V-shaped appearance you wish to attain, pay mind to your jaw and cheek contour. If your face is square-shaped, contour your jawline’s edge …