Stuck with a Bug while on Holiday? How Supplements Can Tame Your Tummy

There is nothing worse than falling ill while on holiday in Norway. What do you do? Is there anything to take?

Norwegians are healthy people. Focusing big on natural and organic foods, they lean towards homeopathic and natural alternatives to traditional medicines. You can read reviews on companies that supply natural medicines and supplements on Norskeanmeldelser, a Norwegian review site that allows you to read what others have to say about these companies and their products.

Health supplements and natural medicine have increased in popularity in recent years, and the holistic medicine industry is booming. Should you be interested in homeopathic remedies for ailments such as tummy aches and more, you might like Lectinect Mage. Click on the link to read real customer feedback on this natural supplement provider and how previous customers have found their services.

What is the top natural medicine in Norway?

One of the most popular natural medicines in Norway is Lectinect Mage. Made of elderberries and calcium, it can treat a wide variety of stomach-related issues. From bloating, diarrhea, reflux, and flatulence, Lectinect Mage has you covered.

Elderberries contain lectin, which is a protein that supports our immune systems and boosts our natural health. It is also the most commonly used medicinal plant, as it is high in antioxidants and vitamins. Elderberries have a sweet taste and can be added to a fruit smoothie for an extra healthy kick.

Calcium is vital for building strong bones and the ability of our body to absorb nutrients. Calcium can also increase digestive enzymes in your stomach, which can help with proper digestion and gut health. We get most of our calcium needs in the foods we eat. There is, however, no harm in increasing our calcium intake to increase our overall health and support our immune systems.

Health concerns related to Lectins

Lectins can improve many stomach-related issues, such as IBS and reflux. It can, however, have adverse effects on those with more serious gastrointestinal issues. If you suffer from food-related sensitivities, Lectinect Mage is not the product for you. It can exacerbate your stomach problems and lead to more serious health concerns.


It is always a clever idea to speak to a medical professional before taking any additional supplements. Read the ingredients of all supplements before taking them and be sure to know the contraindications associated with the supplement.

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